Love Portal: It is the fountain of youth.

If your day did not find a way to test your patience then tell me this, was it too easy for you? We grow from struggle and adversity. We become what we are meant to be when we go the road less traveled. Not because we are determined to be renegades but because there is no other way for us. We are the reckless few with undying optimism, invincible hope, unrivaled faith in that which goes beyond unseen, it goes deeper than unfathomable, it is the essence of devotion to a life that cures this slowly killing disease that some say will engulf us all. No man escapes it unless he believes it is not real. I choose not to live in fear of my debts, nor to acknowledge the imminence of my death. Each evening I will reflect and recharge, for when morning comes I will reset and rebuild to receive the power that love provides to us all on this journey. Let us seek to construct a love portal with every space that we inhabit, so that our existence is a beacon of hope where life truly lives in this moment, in this time, right here, right now.

Four little sisters and an even smaller brother sat across from me on the train this morning. With missing teeth, they stared and wondered. The oldest cradled a baby doll while the little boy made funny faces. One sister slapped at his cheek when she saw that his googly eyes had caught my wandering gaze. She wanted the Silverman’s attention. Their energy was at bay on this train, so obedient and polite for such a pack of young years. Mommy and Daddy passed a cell phone game back and forth while their littlest girl sat in the stroller loosely clasping a pink pacifier in her mouth. Then Mexican cowboys entered the train car and sang a short song for a stop or two but no one gave them even a dollar. They seemed not to be phased at all. Their joyful music had brought the little ones to bob their heads to the tune and this was surely payment enough. As they smiled, one cowboy spoke to the children in Spanish. Their eyes clung to his face in complete confusion and simultaneous curiosity. Their silent silver cowboy had taken a back seat to the Mexican singing band. We all shared that subway car, for a short while. Open eyes and wheels turning.


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