Speak Life!

I’m convinced that the most important factor in being successful is determination.
You can’t give up. Even when you want to.
You can’t let your doubt talk you out of being an adventurer.
There are little voices inside your head that try to feed you discouragement.
They try to convince you that your dream is not going to happen.
And if you start listening to them, they will soon be right.
You will begin to agree with them if you sit around long enough
to let their daggers cut you to pieces.
Put on your armor and be self reliant.
You will create success by pushing through when its difficult,
when its cold, and it seems like a “Bad idea.”

Speak Life!
Be mindful when you speak discouragement upon anyone’s life.
Your words have so much power.
If you speak life into your circumstances, then you will flourish.
You will be amazed by the potential that you create for yourself.
“Today I will spread Joy, Curiosity, Fun, Thought, & Love.”
I will be a lamp of Love upon this city.
I will help thaw this ice box.

They need Me & They need You
We are all meaningful.
Don’t lose that.
Everyone Matters.
Everyone is Beautiful!
Don’t Judge, Just Love.


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